COOL 96 Programming Highlights
Morning Show on COOL 96, Monday-Friday, 6am-10am 
   Wake up with Hubert G.—The Morning Sow is filled with great music, "call ins", trivia questions and more. You’ll get your first dose of news for the day, your weather and traffic reports and you’ll have the chance to speak your mind on the day’s topic or call in about a concern or positive observation or whatever is on your mind! 

The Lunchtime Show on COOL 96, Monday-Friday, 10am-2pm 
   Shelly takes you through the "belly growing" hours—The Midday Show is complete with "What’s your beef?", thoughts of the day, trivia and great music to get you through the day. Shelly also takes you back to the good times during the "Blast from the Past" starting at noon every weekend. 

The Going Home Show on Cool 96, Monday-Friday, 2pm-6pm 
   Karen gets you through those final hours at work—with lots of interesting, funny and helpful information "tid bits," as well as trivia questions, and music to get you through the final count- down to 5 o’ clock!  After 5pm, cool down with the Drive @ 5 and ease away the stress of the day with less talk and more great music. 

The Evening Show on Cool 96, Monday-Friday, 6pm-10pm 
   Close out your day with smooth evening tunes, entertaining and provocative shows and features throughout the week, and special dedications and requests. 

Quiet Notes and Good Times Show on Cool 96, Every night, 10pm until 6am 
   A special time for you…your favorite night grooves now specially selected without interruption or talk. 

News on Cool 96
You’ll hear it here first…and accurate! 
Our news team works around the clock to make sure you 
get the latest accurate information on what is happening locally
and nationally.  We were also the first in the Caribbean region 
and remain the only station in The Bahamas to rebroadcast the
BBC World Service via satellite.  We rebroadcast the World 
News for the latest and most comprehensive coverage and the
BBC Caribbean Report—the most current and extensive 
regional reporting available.
7:40am  BBC World Service—Caribbean Sports 
7:45am  Cool 96’s Local/National Sports Update
7:55am  Cool 96’s first look at Local and National News
8:50am  Cool 96 Main Morning Edition—Local/National News
9:00am   BBC World Service—World News Update
12:55pm Cool 96 Local/National News Highlights
1:00pm   BBC World Service—Caribbean and more!
5:50pm   Cool 96 Main Evening Edition—Local/National News
6:00pm   BBC World Service—World News Update
6:15pm   Local Sports Update

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